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Farming Consumer

Glove HG2 left, size 12
Item number: 170274-Y
Glove HG2 right, size 12
Item number: 170272-Y
Glove HG2 left, size 10
Item number: 170270-Y
About us

Hedensted Gruppen A/S (HG) is one of the biggest suppliers of products and services for the furfarm industry, both national as well as global.

Hedensted Gruppen was founded in 1971 and is a Dansih family-owned company, which today also includes production companies in Poland as well as an extensive retail network.

Customer service

24-7 customer support in the pelting season

Service: +45 20 21 30 44
Sales:    +45 75 89 12 44

Hedensted Gruppen A/S - Vejlevej 15 - DK-8722 Hedensted