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Servicemodel and -tarifs for HG Poland service.

Goleniów October 2019

Due to the major changes in the mink industry over the last period - both in number of breeders and places where fur and other services are performed - we have reviewed our service concept.

From 1st of November 2019, following service model and settlements will be valid:

The time we operate at the Farmer or the pelting center:

01/01 -> 31/10                                  30.-   EUR pr. hour + all material and spareparts.
01/11 -> 31/12 (pelting season)  35.-   EUR. pr. hour + materials and spareparts.

The actual driving time is settled at EUR 20,- pr. hour + eventually ferry and / or bridge fees.

Driving settlement:
Basically, all services are charged (EUR 0,60,- pr. km.) based from start in Goleniów – unless, the service car on the task time, is closer the final spot. The bill will always reflect the cheapest for the customer - even if it is possible to combine multiple visits to the trip.

Phone support:
If the case can be settled by phone, calls beyond 15 minutes will be settled at EUR. 35 per call pr. every 30 minutes.

Special agreement:
For service job that include several days or flight connection we can make an offer that include manhour (driving, working) and transport as one overall cast + spareparts.

No service will be started before written accept of the cost or this agreement from the customer.


24 hour hotline service: (+45) 2021 3044