About Us

In Hedensted Group A/S, we understand the meaning!

Hedensted Group A/S (HG) is one of the biggest suppliers of products and services for the fur farm industry, both national as well as global.

Hedensted Group was founded in 1971 and is a Danish family-owned company, which today also includes production company in Poland, as well as an extensive retail network.

We live according to the five values:

Focus on Goals, Progress, Engagement, Comparison and Credibility.
Values that make Hedensted Gruppen A / S the customer's first choice of collaborator.

We share our knowledge - with more than 200 years of industry experience in our sales team

We're ready when you need it- with 24/7 hotline in the fur season. You can always call for a good and free advice too.

We are committed to developing and providing products that give you the most value for money.

More than 97% of our deliveries arrive with what has been ordered for the agreed time.

We are working hard to be in the frontend of promoting favorable development in the industry.

We are open to new ideas, analyzing the needs of individuals and helping to find an optimal solution.
In Hedensted Gruppen we understand the importance of efficiency going hand in hand with quality.
This is also the reason why we have been involved in the development of Danish mik breeding in world class through 25 years.
There has been a close cooperation with the auction houses and farmers, where the exchange of knowledge drives our product development of both machines and consumer goods.