HG Feeder 100M 2Speed mix must be configured

Item number:250066
The distinguishing feature of the M 100-series HG Feeder is that it contains as little technology as possible. The machine is available in three sizes: Feeder 100 for 1,000 litres of feed, Feeder 125 for 1,250 litres and Feeder 160 for 1,600 litres.

The engine is positioned in front and the large cooling system ensures that you can keep on feeding for as long as you need to without the machine overheating.

- 34 hp Kubota diesel engine
- 2-speed mixer
- 4 HD
- Special drive system (see graph)
- 1,000/1,250/1,600 l feed tank
- Prepared for feed computer

- Tractor tyres (standard on Feeder 160 M)
- XL hardened steel feed pump (up to 1,000 tonnes)
- Central lubrication system for the feed pump
- Water dosing
- Air-cushioned seat
- Front and rear lights
- Feed computer
- Scraping kit for the mixer
- Sharp-turn kit

The driver’s seat and steering wheel are located 10 cm to the right of centre to bring you closer to the nesting box during feeding. This reduces the risk of strain injuries to your back, arms and shoulders.

The first two-thirds of the range of movement of the pedal are for feeding. The soft acceleration makes it simple to find precisely the work pace that suits you best during feeding. It is also possible to adjust the angle and range of movement of the pedal to match your preferences.

It is simple to lift up the front, seat and tank to provide quick and easy access to the vital parts of the machine.

The feed mixer features two speeds: low for feeding and high for mixing.

With the engine and the large cooling system positioned in front, there is no risk of overheating, no matter how long you need to keep feeding.

Models from the Feeder 100 M series are available with a central lubrication system for the feed pump as an optional extra. This makes it easier to maintain the machine.

The feed hose, which also functions as an armrest, is available in a variety of lengths and degrees of hardness so you can choose the model that suits you best.

The sharp-turn kit helps reduce the external turn radius on Feeder 100: from 285 to 245 cm.
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